My Filmmaking work

It’s not always easy to show a prospective client the exact kind of film that you’ve done that’s exactly what they’re looking for as really every story is different and every project should be approached differently. Hopefully my showreel above should give a good idea of the variety and standard of work I do and my home page should give a little background on my experience. I’ve shot a lot of different kinds of work and own the right equipment to shoot almost anything to the highest production standards.

I’ve made films that had no marketing go viral with millions of views while still maintaining a high production look (like this one: BPD-Jodhpur) and films that helped get people noticed (like this one with 22 million views: RK- DWTT). I’ve shot everything from underwater to aerial, to hyperlapses to music videos with mind bending visuals. And most things in between.

But if there’s one film I’ve done that best sums up my approach to creativity and filmmaking it’s probably this one in 2013 that was a Vimeo Staff Pick, about one of my own trips to Northern Norway to look for the Northern Lights:

To give a little more insight into more of my commercial shooting world, I made a promo film for Sony about a small Tattoo Parlour in London in 2017 and MPH Films made a behind the scenes film about how I went about that process. So this film below gives a good introduction to me and my approach to filmmaking and I’ve enclosed the final product, the film I made after spending a day at the tattoo parlour. Obviously every project is different but these two films should give an idea of my approachI take to working with clients.

If you’ve got any more questions about my approach to filmmaking and visuals do feel free to get in touch. I travel a lot with work but I do try to get back to everyone within 24 hours.

Finally, I’ve got a small collection of different looking shoots I’ve done here just to give a final little bit of variety.

This was a commercial for Puma. I was DoP for Bark Films:

This was a films for an event I directed, shot and edited for British Polo Day in Dubai:

This was a music video I was the DoP, editor and grader for, for Jimi Charles Moody:

I’ve shot 12 music videos for Rizzle Kicks and talk about it more on my Home page, I’ve just got a couple of my favourites here and this was my first, with a MOBO nomination in 2013 for video of the year and 22 million views. I directed/shot/edited it:

A short advert I directed/shot/edited for Vivobarefoot:

A music video I was the DoP for, for Paul Weller, featuring Martin Freeman:

A Samsung advert I was the DoP for, featuring Mike Tindall:

A music video I directed/shot/edited for Rizzle Kicks, made entirely of photographs:

Another film I directed/shot/edited for British Polo Day in India:

A film I directed/shot/edited for Nirav Modi high jewellery:

I’ve got more information on my home page and my About me page and feel free to get in touch here: