My approach

I like to make creative imagery for brands, companies and individuals. While that’s usually with filmmaking, I’m lucky to have found more than one type of imagery I’m passionate about so I still take photos both professionally and for fun.

Before I became a creative professional I used to work for a bank and I’ve brought that work ethic and professionalism with me to this world. Preparation and reliability are the first things I take pride in, even before artistry. I find my experience with large businesses and project management helps me just as much as my creative side when it comes to delivering for clients. I also worked as a personal trainer for a while in my 20s and am still passionate about hard work, nutrition and keeping in shape, partly so I can keep doing this job for a few more decades!

I’ve got a lot of my history on my Home page and lots of examples of my work there and on my Fimmaking page, so there’s not too much more to say here. The key for me is really working with a client to use my experience and creativity to make something special as a collaborative effort.

When I’m not filming or taking photos I’m probably spending time with my growing family, probably filming or photographing them!

As a final note here, I’m lucky enough to have travelled a lot both personally and with work and I’ve seen enough of the wonder of the world to want to hold on to it. Despite our need to address global warming urgently, as I fly quite a lot for work I recognise I’m part of that problem. I try to offset it at home in a variety of ways but there’s no getting around my carbon footprint from air travel. So in 2018 I committed to making my business carbon neutral. This is mostly achieved via offsetting all my travel with the best regarded carbon offset programme: . It’s not a perfect solution but I believe the best current option for those in my industry.

Please feel free to get in touch if you’ve got any projects I can help you with: